here will lie

Why another tilde? Well I saw the domain and simply wanted to try setting up my own. As I can't afford many resources (plus it'll be super cool having a tilde with this theme), the site will be focused on heavily-frugal computing. How does that work? Well, the maximum file size will be ~1 MB, and there will be no scripting languages available. The only languages available will be: You will be able to host a website on here, but an additional constraint exists! Sub-directories in your home directory may not exceed 10MB, so expect to be heavily optimising for size (dithered GIFs, anyone?). I'll be writing lots of code so you can have some level of interaction with sites from outside the server using inotify (I used this trick for a rainbow wall, hosted over here. I'll also bridge IRC to the tildeverse, and will think of some special kind of stuff. Keep an eye on this space!!

Regards, the future loving admin of (2018/11/19)